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Succulent Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

After succulents became popular in the 1980s, succulent gardens exploded across America. Nowadays, succulent gardening is a trendy and easy way to spruce up your garden beds without much effort.

The best thing about smaller succulents is that they are hearty plants! You won't have to worry as long as you give them the right amount of sun and water every day, so it will take less time for them to grow into a beautiful garden.

See these great succulent garden ideas for small spaces so you can add these trendy plants to your garden and be inspired to venture out and find that perfect spot for your new succulent garden, no matter how small.

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Ways To Use Succulents In Your Garden

  • Add succulents to your garden beds or succulent planter for a pop of color and texture. 
  • Plant succulent gardens that fill up an entire bed or pot!
  • Create succulent arrangements by pairing them with other plants, flowers and small stones in decorative pots.
  • You can also use succulents as the main component of your garden by planting succulent gardens that fill up an entire bed or pot!
  • If succulents are the main component of your succulent garden, you can plant succulents in a large pot or spread them out across your garden bed to make for an interesting and diverse mix.
  • Succulent gardens are perfect for any size space, even the tiniest of patios.
  • Plant succulents in a rock garden or along a landscaped dry creek bed in your garden.
  • Between pavers to form a beautiful foot path in full sun.

How To Take Care Of Succulents 

  • When deciding where to plant succulents, succulents grow best in warm climates if planting outdoors, so make sure you have plenty of sunlight before planting succulents!
  • Succulents need good drainage, so be careful when watering them, especially if your soil is clay.
  • Succulents are a great option for small spaces because they require minimal maintenance and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, making succulent gardens interesting and diverse.
  • Succulents grow best in warm climates, so make sure you have plenty of sunlight before planting succulents!
  • Be mindful that succulent plants are sensitive to frost and freezing temperatures, damaging or killing succulent gardens if not taken care of.
  • When growing succulents, make sure they have a proper drainage system in their pots
  • Succulents need very little water, so it is important to let the soil dry out between watering. The most important thing to remember is not to overwater succulents, which usually only need watering once every week or two.

Succulents for your Small Garden 

Use some of these easy-to-grow succulents for the small garden space to create an oasis in your small or container garden, on the balcony, porch or patio with just a little bit of water and a lot of sunshine.

  • Echeveria is one of the most commonly grown succulents as they can be found in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. They have thick leaves that grow in pairs from their fleshy stem; this gives them the appearance of rosettes. Many gardeners love to plant these because they offer excellent drought tolerance and can handle shade. In addition, they are very easy to propagate from cuttings. 
  • Echinocactus grusonii is a small cactus or mini succulent that has the appearance of having been stacked somehow to give it its unusual shape. Once established, it grows slowly but offers excellent mini succulent garden interest with bright colors from yellow through orange and reds to purples. 
  • Jade plants are one of the most popular succulent garden idea options and are often grown in indoor gardens. Jades are relatively easy to care for and offer a range of benefits, including oxygen production, stability in the soil (which can help prevent erosion), water conservation and filtration against air pollutants. 
  • Agave succulent gardens are a nice option because they come in different colors and textures, so try experimenting with different combinations to see what works best! 
  • Cacti are a popular choice for many succulent gardeners, but they are not recommended if you have children or pets because of the risk of them getting stuck on the spiky plants. One is called the purple heart, which thrives in full sun or partial shade. It's also drought tolerant. 
  • Haworthia is a succulent plant that resembles aloes! They're also good if you don't have as much space to work with because they grow in clumps. 
  • Zebra plants are a good option if you're looking for something unusual that will stand out in your small succulent garden design! Their name is derived from the white and dark green stripes that cover their leaves. 
  • Aloe succulents are a plant that will grow and spread. Small aloes can be planted in containers and will grow into larger plants. 
  • Kalanchoe plants can survive drought conditions which makes them an ideal potted plant with low water requirements. They also have interesting flowers and narrow leaves that make them eye-catching! In addition, they are easy to multiply by taking succulent cuttings and placing these directly in the succulent potting soil. 
  • Sedum succulents are a type that will grow in clumps and can also tolerate drought conditions. 
  • Pachyphytum are a type of succulent that will grow in clumps, so they're good for someone who has more space. They also have interesting flowers which make them even more attractive! 
  • Sempervivum succulent gardens are perfect if you're looking for something green all year round! They'll survive any condition as long as they have water from time to time, and some of them even bloom at the end of summer. Also known as hen and chick. 
  • Lithops or living stones are a type of succulents that will grow in clumps and survive drought conditions. Lithops are succulent, with two leaves coming out from the middle with an unusual look due to their thick skin. 
  • String of Pearls succulents is a great option for those looking to grow their garden with a smaller space. They're a type of succulent that will grow in clumps and have leaves that are long, narrow and end with points. They also produce beautiful flowers 
  • Aeoniums resemble daisies and are another good choice if you want something unusual to add to your garden space. These plants are colorful succulents and can be found in many different colors, shapes and sizes. 
  • Mammillaris are perfect for an indoor succulent garden as long as they have bright light.

Container Succulents 

Succulents in metal containers on a table

A great option for succulents is to use containers that work well in various situations in your garden, from small balconies and patios up to large outdoor gardens.

If you're going with one container on your patio or porch, we recommend using an attractive pot that complements other accents nearby.

There are many types of succulents that look great in a pot. Container gardening with succulents is very rewarding for beginners. 

Many succulent plants can be grown in pots, so they're an easy option for someone who has limited space but wants to create their garden.

You want the potted succulent to have good drainage - this will help keep your plant from drowning when you water it. 

Always use succulent soil when planting and follow the watering and feeding instructions.

Palette Succulent Garden 

Palette succulent garden

If you only have space for a vertical planter garden, no worries. Plant succulents in a palette or a wooden fence for your wall garden using a string of pearls interplanted with different colored echeveria, add sedums to the mix for variety.

Pathway with Old Tree Trunk 

Pathway with old tree trunk and succulents

What about an old tree stump in the backyard or along a walkway, or even up against a wall - this small space can be transformed into a beautiful succulent garden.

Succulents on a Small Balcony 

Succulents on small balcony

Suppose you have a small patio or balcony, plant succulents in pots. Plant them on the patio or hang them from the posts of your porch for a vertical succulent garden that won't take up too much space and will add color to any corner!

Front Yard Pebbles and Cacti 

Front yard with crushed stone and cacti

If you have a front yard, try planting succulents in the pebbles of your garden. You can also mix them with cacti for added color and texture. Plant lots of different varieties to add interest!

Trailing Succulents on a Balcony 

Trailing succulents and jade plant on balcony

Suppose you want to add a trailing succulent garden, plant echeveria and sedums in pots or hanging planter. Then, string them up along the railing of your balcony for an easy-access, carefree display!

Cactus Garden on Balcony 

Cacti garden on Patio

If you don't mind some prickly plants (or have small children), a cactus garden is a fun way to add interest and color. Plant them in pots, hang them from the railing or stick them into an old planter on your balcony for some desert-style living!

Miniature Succulent Garden 

Miniature garden tray

If you're looking for a miniature succulent garden, fairy garden or dish garden, plant small varieties of echeveria and sedums in pots or hanging planters. Add a few miniature cactus and some rocks for decoration, and you'll have a mini rock garden that's perfect for any flat surface!

Sunken Pot with Pebbles and Succulents 

Sunken pot with succulents

A long, narrow container sunk into the ground and filled with pebbles is perfect for a mini succulent garden. Plant a mix of succulents and add more stones around the base for interest.

Single Statement Succulent in Container

Statement agave in container

One pot is enough to get started! Add more pots as the plants grow so that they won't be crowded. Containers are perfect for creating a colorful display on any patio, deck or stairway. A single large plant on the stairs, for example, will add a nice vertical element to any outdoor living space. 

Succulent Vertical Garden in a Box 

Vertical succulent garden in box

A succulent garden can transform any small space. Plant succulents and air plants in pots, or hang them from the posts of your porch for a vertical garden that won't take up too much space and will add color to any corner!

Row of Succulents 

Succulents on ledge

There are very many ways that you can add a few or even just one succulent to your small space, and if you live in an apartment, plant succulents on a windowsill or an outdoor ledge and enjoy the fresh air that they bring indoors!

You can also plant succulents on a deck rails or balcony railing, in a pot by your front door, or even inside of an old window frame.

Glass Bubble Succulent Arrangement 

Succulents in glass bowl or terrarium

This arrangement is a fun way to add some succulents to your space without taking up much room. Fill small, decorative glass orbs or terrarium with soil or gravel for planting!

It's easy to use living plants in smaller spaces--find creative ways of utilizing vertical space. Succulent gardens are beautiful indoors or out and can easily be created with a little imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Hanging Planter under Eaves 

Sedum morganianum in hanging planter

Chances are you have just enough space inside that fence or under those eaves to grow some succulents with love!

The possibilities are endless with succulents. They'll grow in any size pot and will thrive in a variety of different spaces like around the grill, on an outdoor table or even in your garden if you have enough space for them to roam. So add more color to your home by planting some succulents today!


Succulents are an easy way to add beauty and color to your small space garden or patio.

We have listed some succulent plants for small spaces, succulents that thrive in light shade, succulents that are drought tolerant and take low water to survive. 

A small succulent garden is an easy way to add color and interest to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

With just a few plants, some string of pearls and the right containers-whether pots on the floor, baskets hanging from posts or railing-you'll be on your way to an amazing succulent garden!

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