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Growing Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Star Jasmine or Confederate Jasmine is a climbing vine and a wonderful addition to any garden. They produce beautiful white flowers that attract many pollinators and have a wonderful fragrance that can fill the air for hours.

Star Jasmine has evergreen foliage that is light green and glossy in texture.

Star jasmine is not true jasmine in the Jasminum genus but is closely related.

The name comes from the star-shaped fragrant flower that they produce.

Growing a star jasmine plant is quite easy. This evergreen vine does not require much care or maintenance.

Planting and Care of Star Jasmine Vine 

Star Jasmine growing near window

The key is to grow your plant in a location where it will receive full sun.

This location can be an area in partial shade that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight every day, but the best growing areas are typically those with all-day or near-constant sunshine. In these locations, you will see new growth almost immediately after planting.

Planting in a shady spot can be done, but growth will be slower, often taking two growing seasons to show any new leaves or flowers. For example, Star Jasmine may grow on a north-facing wall but will not bloom, and the vines will be sparse.  The plant will also be susceptible to disease.

The best time to plant a Star Jasmine vine is immediately after the last frost date. Star Jasmine is an evergreen plant that will need some winter protection if you live in colder climates. They are hardy to plant in USDA growing zones 7 - 10.

The potting mix should have good drainage, but it must also retain some water and not dry quickly. Use a well-draining growing medium that has a high organic matter or added compost in the planting hole. Tease out the root ball before planting.

Star jasmine is drought-tolerant once established, and it is important not to let these plants get too wet. However, it may be a good idea to give them some barriers if they grow in areas with high amounts of rain.

Water weekly during the growing season and increase watering during extremely hot periods or periods of drought.

A thick layer of organic mulch and an annual layer of compost is all that is needed in the way of fertilizer.

Pruning Star Jasmine 

Star Jasmin surrounding wall

Star Jasmin is easy to prune, unlike the bougainvillea vine which has large thorns. Trim the vines back at the end of their growing season to produce more blooms every year and light pruning at the end of the summer to keep this vigorous grower looking its best.

Cut back heavier growth that has become too thick and trim away any dead wood on old stems to help stimulate new growth next season.

It can also be helpful to pinch off growing tips during the growing season.

If the vine is overgrown and neglected, prune it back by half and thin out the remaining branches.

Those grown as a hedge, shrub or ground cover will need to be pruned every year to maintain the desired height and shape.

Growing Star Jasmine in Containers 

Star Jasmin fragrant flowers

Star Jasmine can grow in containers, but they will need more water and care. Plant them into a container at least 18 inches deep with a well-draining growing medium or potting soil, ensuring that the container has drainage holes.

In colder areas, growing star jasmine vines may be grown as a container plant and moved indoors through the winter, then back outdoors onto your balcony or patio during the summer months.

Grow this evergreen vine as a groundcover with a small tree in a container.

Does Star Jasmine Need a Trellis? 

Star Jasmin covering rustic door

Star Jasmine is a twining vine and does not need a trellis, but it can be grown up against one to support the growing vines. Weave the vine through the trellis and fasten it to the trellis with garden twine or zip ties.

The vines will grow quickly and need to be tied back periodically.

Be sure that the growing vines are not growing on top of any other plants, smothering them.

Without training, the vine will still grow and flourish, but it is more likely to look messy and unkempt.

Star Jasmine Propagation 

Star Jasmine can be propagated by taking cuttings from an established vine or when the vine lies on the ground and sends out roots. Once these roots are established, transplant them.

You can also propagate by taking semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.


Growing Star Jasmine can help give your garden or yard a beautiful, fragrant addition that will attract pollinators and provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Plant in winter to allow it time to become established before the growing season begins in early spring or well after the last frost date in late winter.

It may need some protection during colder months if grown in zones below USDA growing zone seven.

The plant thrives in a pot or container and can be grown up against a trellis for support, but it may need to have its vines tied back periodically.

If the vine is neglected or overgrown, prune by half before thinning out thick branches.

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