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Cheap Container Gardening Ideas

Fill some containers to overflowing with summer annuals or brighten up the darkest corner of your balcony.

You don't have to break the bank to add to your container garden. Here are some DIY projects or very inexpensive additions to spruce up your home and garden.

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Mixed Planters With Bulbs


Get a stunning display on a window ledge with this display.  Repeat the pots with a touch of color inbetween.

Once the bulbs have flowered, they can be taken out of the soil and placed in a paper packet in a dark place until their next season.

Repeat with bulbs for the following season.

Hanging Wall Planter

Hanging Wall Planter

Get your patio ready for entertaining by brightening up a dull wall.  The carex grasses look great in these aged rusted pots.

Repeating the planting is alway eye catching and adds interest in the space.

Mosaic Planter

This beautifu,l distinctive mosaic planter will add interest no matter where it is placed.

Broken tiles, crockery, ceramics or glass tiles and a bit of imagination can create a mosaic planter like this one.

Planted up with sun-loving geranium is eye-catching.

Colorful Tin Planter


Upcycle your old tin cans into something funky.

Adorn your kitchen windowsill, planted up with the herbs you use daily.  Or plant some cacti or succulents.

Add some colorful annual seeds or herb seeds for an inexpensive way to brighten up a dull corner.

Metal Bucket Planter


Re-purpose your metal bucket into a planter no matter the size. Just remember to make drainage holes.

An ideal spot for the metal bucket planter would be in the shade or semi-shade as the metal can heat up in the sun and dry out the soil.

Colander Planter

Using an old or new colander as a planter is an inexpensive and simple but charming addition to your container garden.

Give the planter two light coats of outdoor spray paint in the color of your choice. Plant up using landscape fabric as a liner to keep the soil from falling through the holes.

Cheap Plastic Planters


Paint up some cheap plastic planters of different sizes, all in the same color.

Give the pot two coats of Rust-Oleum’s Universal Paint and Primer-in-one or try chalk paint which adheres to most surfaces.

Mix And Match Containers For Kitchen Window Sill


Snip off some herbs for your summer salad or while you are cooking right there in your kitchen.

Group different pots for a mix and match effect with your favorite herbs.

Large Plastic Containers


Convert any large container into a mini garden making sure there are drainage holes.

Grow some veggies right there on your balcony.

Add a few nasturtium seeds which will grow to cover the plastic container, and you're all set for a stylish, inexpensive veggie garden.

Basket Planters


Place the plants inside the baskets in the containers they were bought in and cover with hessian.

Easily change the plants with fresh ones whenever needed.

Plastic Bottle Container Hanging Garden

Cut some plastic soda bottles in half to make a creative hanging container for your garden.

Remember to make holes in the bottle tops for drainage.

Painted Containers


Paint old pot plants in bright colors for a brilliant display.

Even plastic bottles can be halved and painted in a range of colors.

These will brigten up any corner and look outstanding planted up with succulents.



Pallets are an excellent source for a hanging planter arrangement.

You can even paint the pallet in some bright colors to compliment the plants.

Paper Cup Planters


Don't spend a fortune on fancy containers when you can plant up your herbs or succulents in these corrugated paper cups for a novel look.

They won't last forever, but aside from putting them in your compost bin, these make a quick and easy container.

DIY Burlap Covered Container


Wrap your ugly container in some burlap for a stylish, rustic look.

Add some twine or even vintage lace depending on the look you require.

Old Repurposed Tire Planter


Create a planter from tires by giving them a coat of paint to decorate your outdoor deck or garden area.

Easy to make and only require some paint, soil and plants.

Decorated Tin Can Planter


Cover some tin cans in craft paper for an indoor planter  - remembering to make drainage holes with a nail and hammer first.

Use some twine or raffia to wrap around and keep the paper in place.

DIY Soda Bottle Hanging Planter


Reuse, recycle and make our lives a little greener. These up cycled plastic soda bottle planters make an ideal cheap and easy planter.

18 Cheap Container Gardening Ideas


A bit of imagination can and some DIY will breathe new life into your garden and doesn't always require a landscape designer.

Whether a small garden or a patio or balcony, there's always room for budget garden ideas.

Love your garden!

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